Explaining the PSU Workshops

There are two related areas to our training.  The first revolves around the Safe Place Policy of the church introduced in 1997.  This deals with the important issue of sexual abuse and harassment within the church.  The second – Child Safe - grows out of the special needs of children and young people (those below 18) in our care. State legislation also requires congregations to comply with special risk management strategies.  The workshop explains what our church has done to make this task easier for congregations.

The training will alert those working with children to a special website the church has acquired which enables you to fill in forms and store them all on line.  It also enables you to do future refresher training in this area on line.

Our workshop combines both Safe Place and Child Safe in one 6 hour training day.  We believe it’s important that the leaders of congregations also understand the basics of the Child Safe Policy

Our church is serious about becoming a “Safe Place for all”.  This means that all Pastors  (including Chaplains and active retired Pastors), Lay Workers, employees , elders, Sunday School Teachers, youth leaders, members of any congregational committees,  and all involved in ministry to children and young people are required to undergo this training and update every three years. 

There is a cost of $40 per person for the 6 hour training and $35 for Refresher Training.  The Refresher training is only available to those who have attended the initial 6 hour training.   


Blue Cards

All Pastors, active retired Pastors and Church Workers must have a valid Blue Card and its details recorded at the LCAQD Office.

Chaplains who are also registered teachers who wish to participate in a congregation’s ministry in any way must either have a valid Blue Card or an Exemption Card.

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Safety Management Online


Safety Management Online Title

An important part of ChildSafe is the online management system.

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Contact PSO

If you would like to contact the Professional Standards Officer, please either write to:
LCA Qld Professional Standards Officer
Elizabeth A Kloeden
P O Box 1535
Milton Q 4064
Or alternatively call Elizabeth on 07 3511 4089.